Tri Pindi Shraadh for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs)

It is a Hindu religious obligation to make offerings to the dearly departed family members and ancestors. This is a strict concept under the sacred texts and traditions of the Hindu religion. If no ritualistic offerings are made to the departed within and throughout three consecutive years after death, the dead get angry at the living and surviving members of the family. This wrath from the afterlife is called Pitra Dosh.

However, there is a misconception that when the dead get angry, they unleash the curse of the forefathers and ancestors. More accurately, it is the karmic debt of the ancestors, in the form of sins, wrongdoings, even crimes, that their progeny are obliged to pay. To repay for the karmic debt of forefathers, the descendants have to bear the punishment of tribulations among members of the family, or perform offerings to honor the memory of the dearly departed in the family. The ritual for such offerings is called Tri Pindi Shraadh.

Pitru Tarpan
MataPitru Shraadh
Mahalay Sharaadh
SamastPitru Shraadh
Tri Pindim Shraadh

Applying remedy to Pitra Dosh through Tri Pindi Shraadh may be performed through the ritual on certain prescribed months after the death of the dearly departed. If the agony of tribulation is harsh as experienced by the living family, Tri Pindi Shraadh must be performed right away. The ritual must also be performed according to the prescribed traditions and conventions ascribed to it. It must be conducted in a holy place meant for the expulsion of demon.

Most importantly, the ones performing the ritual of offerings should take a dip or bathe in any of the holy rivers in India such as the holy river Ganga or the Ganges River. This is for the purpose of purification from worldly sins. Some water from the holy river must be brought back to the house. A celebratory program is organized and undertaken. Lots of people must be present and they should be fed with lots of food.

For Indians living abroad anywhere across the globe, the constraints of time and distance away from India pose a challenge, making them unable to perform the ritual on their own. Our group understands the need of this sector, especially that the ritual must be performed in India. We offer professional and affordable Tri Pindi Shraadh services. Contact us today and our representative will attend to you right away.

The Books

Hindu traditions are regarded as one of the finest in the world because they are pure and scientific. We have included books on the website available for download. These books are the ancient scriptures written by scholars over time. The books reiterate the same thoughts as that of Gurus, translated in English for your better understanding. Each book has a different title and explores the importance of each of the different rituals including the shraadh puja along with other traditions.

Gujarati Books – Courtesy of Professor Harshadbhai Vyas and his wife Lataben Vyas.

English books are translated from Gujarati version.

bhadra month shradh book at asthi visarjan
rituals after hindu death book at asthi visarjan


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