We are Hindu professionals located within and outside of India. Most of us are non-resident Indians (NRIs). As we are Hindus ourselves, we are knowledgeable in the performance of the Hindu religious ceremonies for the deceased and ancestors such as the Asthi Visarjan, Pind Daan, and other Hindu religious rituals. We know the importance of these Hindu final homage rituals for the dearly departed and ancestors as we and our families have accorded our deceased loved ones and forefathers with them. Moreover, we are also knowledgeable in the Vedic scriptures and other Hindu religious texts.

As we offer end-to-end services for Asthi Visarjan, Pind Daan, and other Hindu religious rituals, our team addresses the entire process for client convenience—from client management to actual ritual performance on site to mobile app technology. As fellow Hindus who know the required time frames for these rituals, we will address your need in the most reliable, professional, convenient, affordable, and timely way. You are rest assured that the traditional Hindu ceremonies for the dearly departed and ancestors will be accorded to your deceased loved ones in the proper sacred places in India as prescribed by the Hindu holy scriptures, thereby fulfilling your religious obligations even if you are not located in India.

Client Management

We handle client accounts in the most professional way. Your inquiries will be handled right away. Your requests will be accomplished in the most timely manner. We will follow through with you during the entire time that you are availing of our services. Email notifications and mobile push notifications will be quickly and promptly sent your way.

Ritual Performance

Only traditional Vedic Brahmin pandits will carry out the religious ceremonies of Asthi Visarjan and Pind Daan on the banks of any of the prescribed holy rivers, lakes, and ponds in India. Only Hindu priests will perform the other religious rituals of Shraadhs and Paaths. These priests are completely knowledgeable of and highly-trained in the Vedic scriptures and other Hindu sacred texts. Thus, they are certified to perform the religious rituals in the most traditional manner.

Mobile Technology

Part of our team is a group of international mobile app developers that have created our state-of-the-art Asthi app and Pind Daan app, available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. These highly-skilled tech professionals will promptly upload the video and images of your religious ceremony being conducted in India so that you can view and share them with friends and family wherever you are in the world.

We are your Hindu family and we know your need. Contact us today and our representative will take care of you right away.


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