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The word tarpan comes from the root word “trup” which means satisfying others. People, sages, the souls of ancestors, and the Gods will be satisfied by offering them water. This ritual is called tarpan. When those whose names were invoked during the performance of the tarpan have been satisfied, Hindus believe that they will bless with happiness and contentment those who offered water. The host of the tarpan will be satisfied in return. When the souls of ancestors are satisfied, they leave in peace. In their departure, they bless the host with success, wealth, brilliant intellect, glowing personality, and longevity, among others.

Pitru Tarpan is the ritualistic homage performed for the souls of departed ancestors. Water is offered to their souls or pitar. The souls of the ancestors expect from their descendants this offering of water or udak. The tarpan has to strictly follow some prescribed methods of performance. According to Hindu sacred tradition, the tarpan should be performed by a river. The one performing the ritual should be immersed in the flowing waters of the river till up to his belly button. Another prescribed style is for this person to sit on the riverbank while performing the ritual.

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Tarpan for dearly departed ancestors must be conducted while facing south. For the tarpan, three handfuls or anjalis of water should be taken for the souls of deceased ancestors. The offering of water to the souls of departed ancestors should be done from the hand’s first finger and the middle of the thumb. Darbha or dried grass is also used in the tarpan for ancestors’ souls. For the performance of the ritual, the grass should be handled from the root and tip of two darbhas.

Tarpan should be performed daily, in the morning after taking a bath. If it is not possible to perform shraadha daily for the souls of deceased ancestors, then one should at least perform tarpan.

For non-resident Indians (NRIs) anywhere across the globe who are unable to perform the ritual on their own, our group offers professional and affordable Pitru Tarpan services. Contact us today and our representative will attend to you right away.

The Books

Hindu traditions are regarded as one of the finest in the world because they are pure and scientific. We have included books on the website available for download. These books are the ancient scriptures written by scholars over time. The books reiterate the same thoughts as that of Gurus, translated in English for your better understanding. Each book has a different title and explores the importance of each of the different rituals including the shraadh puja along with other traditions.

Gujarati Books – Courtesy of Professor Harshadbhai Vyas and his wife Lataben Vyas.

English books are translated from Gujarati version.

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